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Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network
The Ministry of Corrections and Policing for the Province has announced the establishment of the ‘Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network’. 
Supported by Everbridge Mass Notification Systems, the new network provides the RCMP and its Provincial Response Team partner agencies (Saskatchewan Highway Patrol and Saskatchewan Conservation Officers) with the ability to communicate directly with the public on matters of crime prevention.

Citizens can sign up at to receive crime watch advisories from their local RCMP Detachments.  As situations might be occurring, Detachment Commanders will have the ability to send important advisories by text message, email or phone. Those who sign up or register online will have the ability to choose how they would like to receive these advisories.

The new network is designed to ensure that ALL people of Saskatchewan can play an important part in public safety. If you have information about an advisory, the advisory itself will include information about what to do and or who to contact.

Supporting Local Crime Prevention Programs
The new system also allows the RCMP and its partner agencies to communicate directly with existing or developing crime prevention groups, such as:

Rural Crime Watch
Indigenous Peace Keepers (or like programs)
Citizens on Patrol, or Neighborhood Watch

To find out more how your local crime prevention program can be supported by the Everbridge mass notification technology, please contact your local Detachment to be put into contact with Saskatchewan RCMP’s Community Policing Branch.
The RCMP can arrange for a presentation and to have your group further added to the new network as a special group.  These groups, approved at the local level by their Detachment Commander, will be provided access to the system to send their own unique crime prevention communications.

How will this new Network help?
The new Network acknowledges that crime prevention can be the most effective when the greatest number of people can participate. Residents can help by being the ‘eyes and ears’ of their communities, and by reporting crimes or suspicious activities to the police. The more people who sign up for the advisories, the more effective we can be at preventing crime. Criminals will literally have ‘no place to hide’ as we all work together to keep our communities safe.

Imagine someone is spotted breaking into a cottage or a home.  The witness calls 911 to report the crime and describe the suspect’s vehicle.  Police go to the scene, but the suspect is often gone. Now, with a Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory sent directly from the RCMP, the description of the suspect’s vehicle can be immediately sent to hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the area. People who receive the advisory can call police when they see the vehicle.  This gives the police a better chance of catching the offender(s), sooner. 

The Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network, along with existing crime prevention programs, helps create the right environment and culture where everyone can contribute to and be a part of community safety. The network itself sends a strong message to would-be offenders that people are watching and that we all care about community safety.
Fire Destroys 4-plex in Vanscoy
January 20, 2019
On the evening of January 19th a fire broke out at a 4-plex on the 200 block in Vanscoy. Fire fighters responded to the blaze, only to return the following morning when the fire re-ignited and had to be put down again. The building appears to be a total loss.
Fatality in Collision on Highway 7 at Vanscoy

January 2, 2019
One person was killed and at least one other person was injured in a collision between a black pick-up truck and a semi this afternoon.
STARS air ambulance attended the scene along with Delisle RCMP and Pike Lake fire department.
The highway remained closed into the night with no indication of when it will re-open. Traffic is being re-routed around Vanscoy.
Controlled Burn Line
1 - 866 - 404 - 4911

If you are planning on having a controlled burn on your property, report it to the Controlled Burn line.

Reporting the controlled burn will help to prevent the unnecessary use of valuable resources and manpower.

Failure to report the burn could result in unexpected company in the form of the fire department and an avoidable expense.


July 15 - July 22, 2019

Police Received 158 Calls for Service

July 16, 2019 at 4:15 p.m. Police received a complaint of a possible impaired driver on Highway 7 near Saskatoon. The caller advised that the vehicle was swerving over the centre line. Police conducted patrols, but were unable to locate any vehicles matching the description provided.

July 16, 2019 at 10:30 p.m. Police received a complaint of a 2 vehicle accident on Highway 16 near Langham. Police attended and arrested a 34 year old male from Langham. He was arrested and released on documents for an upcoming court date on assault related charges. The 42 year old female in the vehicle was not injured. The 24 year old male driver of the second vehicle received minor injuries. Both vehicles required towing from the scene.

July 17, 2019 at 10:10 Police received a complaint of an erratic semi on Highway 7 near Harris. Police conducted patrols of the area and located the semi. Police issued a ticket to the 36 year old driver of the semi from Saskatoon for driving without due care and attention.

July 19, 2019 at 12:25 a.m. Police received a complaint of a possible impaired driver on Highway 11 near Saskatoon. Police stopped the vehicle and spoke with the 57 year old female from Saskatoon. She was taken back to the Detachment to provide a breath sample. She was released a short time later for an upcoming court date on impaired driving related charges. There were no injuries.

July 19, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. Police received a complaint of a vehicle in the ditch on Highway 11 near Warman. Police attended the location and spoke to the 58 year old male driver from Prince Albert. It is believed that weather played a factor in the vehicle going into the ditch due to the heavy rain. The vehicle was towed from the ditch. There were no injuries or charges.

July 20, 2019 at 2:30 a.m. Police conducted a traffic stop on Railway Street in Warman when they located an impaired driver. They arrested the 42 year old female from Warman. She was taken back to the Detachment to provide a breath sample. She was released a short time later for an upcoming court date on Impaired driving charges. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

July 15, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. Police received a complaint of theft of a vehicle from the RM of Corman Park. The vehicle was located a short time later near Asquith. A 46 year old male from Manitoba was located driving the vehicle. He was arrested and released on documents a short time later on possession of stolen property related charges.

July 15, 2019 at 8:45 p.m. Police received a complaint of a suspicious person in a vehicle in Martensville. The caller reported that there was a person in a vehicle in a parking lot & it seemed suspicious. Police attended the location and spoke to the 36 year old female from North Battleford. She was in the vehicle waiting for a friend to return. There were no charges.

July 18, 2019 at 6:30 a.m. Police received a complaint of a suspicious person in Martensville. The caller felt that the male might be intoxicated. Police conducted patrols and located a 32 year old male from Martensville asleep on a lawn. He was provided a ride home to his residence to be looked after by a family member. There were no charges.

July 18, 2019 at 9:45 a.m. Police received a complaint of a male sitting along Highway 11 near Warman. Police attended the scene and spoke with the 28 year old male from Montreal Lake. He was found to have outstanding warrants from Saskatoon. He was arrested and taken to Saskatoon Police service for execution and processing of his outstanding charges.

July 20, 2019 at 8:00 a.m. Police received a complaint of mischief on Highway 12 near Martensville. The caller reported that a vehicle was chasing them and had them boxed in on the highway. The caller advised that the people were damaging their vehicle. Police attended and arrested a 47 year old female from Pelican Lake First Nation and a 31 year old male from Martensville. They were released a short time later on mischief and assault related charges. There were no injuries.

Warman RCMP is part of the SASKATCHEWAN CRIME WATCH ADVISORY NETWORK. Sign up at to receive crime watch notifications.

If you have information regarding this or any other crime, please contact Warman/Martensville RCMP at 306-975-1670/306-975-1610 or if you have information and you wish to remain anonymous in your reporting, please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477),
submit a tip via their website: or text in a tip: TIP206 + your tip to CRIMES (274637).

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RM Review Online
RM of Vanscoy
Rural Crime Watch

December 2018

The RM of Vanscoy Rural Crime Watch hosted an Anniversary Event on November 7, 2018 with approximately 40 members in attendance.
Sergeant McCracken of the RM of Vanscoy Police Service, Constable Slack of the Warman RCMP Detachment and Dave Aspinall, chair of the RM of Vanscoy Rural Crime Watch program delivered presentations to all in attendance. The Anniversary event would not have been possible without the generosity of the following local businesses and organizations who supported us by donating door prizes, kids’ activities, coffee, snacks, and hall rental:

• Mooney Agencies Ltd.
• Robin’s Nest Café
• RM of Vanscoy 345
• A1 Contracting
• Farm One Forty
• Town of Asquith
• Contech General Contractors
• Mayor Erhart of Asquith
• Trackline – Deb’s K9 Kenneling Service

The Rural Crime Watch currently serves 234 households from the RM of Vanscoy, Asquith, Vanscoy and Pike
Lake. We aim to provide tools like our Facebook group and text alert system for neighbours to share observations of crime or suspicious activity as it is happening so that others can be aware and alert. According to statistics shared at the Delisle RCMP Town Hall on October 22, 2018 the Warman RCMP Detachment saw a reduction from approximately
2400 calls for service in 2017 to roughly 1400 calls in 2018 in the RM of Vanscoy. While it is wonderful to see
such a reduction in calls for service, the Rural Crime Watch committee continues to encourage residents to report all criminal and suspicious activity to the police.

Membership forms are available by email
(, at the RM office, Pike Lake drop in center, or by answering the questions prompted when you ask to join the RM Vanscoy 345 Rural Crime Watch Facebook group. The Rural Crime Watch committee works closely with the RM of Vanscoy
Police Service, Warman RCMP Detachment and several neighbouring crime watch programs.

On October 3, 2018, the RM of Vanscoy Rural Crime Watch committee hosted the second quarterly area crime watch leads meeting to learn about successes and challenges of each group and explore opportunities to
share alerts to track activity across several municipalities. The meeting was attended by representatives from West Cory Crime Watch, Moon Lake Crime Watch, Asquith Neighbourhood Watch,
Village of Vanscoy, Pike Lake Cottage Owners Association, Warman Neighbourhood Watch, RM of Rosemont Crime Watch, RM of Arelee, Perdue and
Kinley Crime Watch, Warman RCMP Detachment and RM of Vanscoy Police Service. By sharing alerts between area crime watch groups there is potential to
track activity from Saskatoon to the Alberta border.

As we enter the final days of 2018, the RM of Vanscoy Rural Crime Watch would like to wish you Happy Holidays and to leave you with these tips for a safe holiday season:
• Leave a timer on your house lights
and/or radio/tv if you are away.
• Do not announce your winter holiday
plans on social media.
• Ask a neighbour you trust to keep an
eye on your property while you are
• Use motion detectors on outdoor
• Ask a neighbour or house sitter to
drive into the yard after a fresh snow to
leave tracks. Ask them to brush the
snow off of any sitting vehicles if you
will be away so it looks like they were
used recently.
• Switch to LEDs and run your outdoor
or porch lights all night.
• Don’t leave your garage door opener in
your car as it is an easy way to gain access
to the garage.
• Move rain barrels, garbage bins, or
other large items away from fence lines
and entry points of the house as they
can be used as a step to hop a fence or
access a window.
• Trust your dogs. If they bark at night,
there is likely a good reason.
• Keep everything locked up tight, especially
vehicles and instruct any holiday
guests to do the same.
• Do not leave kids in a running vehicle,
whether in town or in your own driveway.
• Be unpredictable with your gate.
Have it closed whether or not you are at
• Use warning signage such as “beware
of dog”, “This Property is Under Surveillance”,
signage provided by your alarm
company and of course your RM of
Vanscoy Rural Crime Watch Sign.
• Check your mailboxes regularly and
follow-up on any expected items that do
not arrive.

Katie Suek
RM of Vanscoy
Rural Crime Watch Committee
Turning Lanes are coming to Highway 14 at Range Road 3070
The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure in Regina, SK, has committed to constructing an eastbound right-turn lane and a westbound separated turning lane located at the new Inland Grain Terminal south of Highway 14 on Range Road 3070. This construction will take place in the summer of 2018.
    The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure would like to thank Councillor Dylan Claypool of the Town of Asquith for bringing this concern to their attention at the annual SUMA Convention.
Rejuvenation Project Complete at Delisle Public Library

November 2017

The first phase of the project included the addition of sleek end-shelving units (built by Cliff Merkosky) to better house and display new library materials. A cozy reading nook with comfortable big chairs was added. Innovative storage solutions and numerous other small modifications have opened up space and improved both the public area appearance and the behind-the-scenes workings of the library. These alterations were made possible by contributions from Laura Multiple 4-H Club, Delisle Community Players, and Delisle Library fundraising events, as well as through individual donations.
The second and largest phase of the project was achieved thanks to the generous financial support of Agrium, Delisle Crops for Communities, and the Town of Delisle.
Visitors to the library are now greeted at a large curving reception desk, engineered by North Woods Design. The two-tiered design is attractive, ergonomic and functional, facilitating flow and efficiency of service while ensuring patron privacy and comfort. The children’s area has also undergone a complete transformation. Custom shelving maximizes available space and provides child-friendly access to books. Corkboards extending to the ceiling make a backdrop for themed displays designed to stimulate interest in reading about new seasons, occasions, different cultures and many other motifs. A large “reading tree” area-rug offers cushioned comfort for kids during the regularly scheduled “Story Time” events. Additional custom shelving houses over-sized graphic novels and frees up room for more material of interest to children and young adults.
Fresh white paint on the walls and the concealment of existing utilities such as the sink and book-drop have contributed to a more modern and streamlined façade. The end result is a library with a contemporary and professional appearance, which still maintains a quirky charm and a warmly welcoming atmosphere. Phase three of the Library Rejuvenation Project is currently under consideration – stay tuned!
Community Members Share Their Skills and Experiences on School Community Councils

The School Community Council (SCC) is a primary link between the home, community and school.  Prairie Spirit believes that involvement with School Community Councils is a rewarding and meaningful activity for parent and community members.
The purpose of School Community Councils is to:
• Support student learning success and well-being; and,
• Encourage parent and community involvement and engagement in the school.
School Community Councils provide mechanisms for parents and community members to support and influence the work of the school and to channel advice to the Board of Education and others.  The focus of the SCC is student learning and well-being.  The challenge for the SCC is to engage the parents and community with the school in a meaningful partnership that supports their shared responsibility.
School Community Council Responsibilities
Councils are accountable to their community.  Responsibilities of the Council include:
• Understanding their community;
• Supporting parent and community involvement in the school;
• Advising the Board and school as outlined in the Board of Education School Community Council Policy;
• Working with the School to develop, support and provide advice to the Learning Improvement Plan;
• Helping parents find ways to support their children’s learning;
• Reviewing extra-curricular school activities approved by the principal and Student Council members;  
• Advising and approving fundraising activities in the school; and
• Reviewing student fees to ensure alignment with Board of Education directions.

Council Member Responsibilities
Your role as a Council member is to build shared responsibility among parents, the community and school for student learning and well-being.  In addition, your role is to lead parent and community involvement in school planning and improvement.
 The term of office for Representative Parent and Community Members is two (2) years with no limit on the number of consecutive terms that may be served.
As a Council member you might expect to...
• Attend meetings from September to June as determined by the Council calendar;
• Engage in the work of the Council such as:
o Supporting and advising the development of the Learning Improvement Plan with the staff of the school;
o Developing, leading and taking action on Council initiatives to help families support their children’s learning;
o Providing advice to the school, Board of Education and other community organizations and agencies, as outlined in Board of Education policy;
o Providing advice for school fundraising activities, school fees and the student code of conduct;
o Reporting to parents and community on Council progress; and,
o Working with other Council members to learn more about the role of the Council and how to fulfill its responsibilities.

In order to run for election to your local SCC, you must live in the school attendance area or be a parent of a student in the school. Contact your school’s principal or Prairie Spirit School Division for more details.
Prairie Spirit School Division Releases Weapons Policy

Over the past several months, Prairie Spirit School Division has been developing a formal procedure regarding weapons in schools. The procedure provides a consistent approach for all Prairie Spirit schools to follow to ensure the safety of students and staff.

The procedure states that students and adults must not possess or use real or replica weapons on school premises or at school-sponsored activities held off school premises. This also includes transportation on the school bus. There are no exceptions to this procedure.

Examples of weapons include, but are not limited to:

  • hand guns

  • rifles

  • shot guns

  • air rifles

  • knives

  • tasers

  • laser pointers

  • pepper spray

  • multi-tools that include a blade

any liquid, spray or powder capable of injuring, immobilizing or otherwise incapacitating any person

crossbows explosives tear gas

Under certain circumstances, the principal, in consultation with the school division, may give permission for an item to be in the school that could be considered to be a weapon (e.g., tools or equipment for Practical and Applied Arts or Phys. Ed.).

If other students are aware of a student in possession of a weapon, they should inform a staff member.

In-school administrators are authorized to take the necessary steps to remove weapons from the school. This will include following an established school safety protocol and contacting the police.

The safety of our students is our first priority. Our dedicated staff members work every day to ensure our students are learning in a safe and caring environment.

If you have any questions or if you would like to review the procedures document, please contact your school.

Construction Zone Fines

When traveling on two lane highways you must slow to 60 in both directions when passing workers or equipment.
On a divided highway it applies to the direction the workers are on.
Saskatoon is different as it applies to the entire area signed as a construction zone.
The media coverage told the base fine and the additional per KPH which may not have gotten your attention.
To give you an idea of how serious this is, here are an example of the new fines.
Traveling at;
100 KPH the fine is $530.00
110 KPH the fine is $714.00
120 KPH the fine is $798.00
Hopefully showing the amount of the fines will make it clearer and help you realize how serious this is.
Please slow down to 60 for the safety of the workers who are trying to improve the roads for your travel.
RM #315 Montrose develops an Official Community Plan

The Council of the RM of Montrose No. 315 adopted three bylaws under The Planning and Development Act, 2007.  The RM has established a new Official Community Plan, a new Zoning Bylaw and a new fees bylaw.

  The Official Community Plan bylaw will establish municipal land use policies, goals and objectives.  The Zoning Bylaw will implement land use policies, establish zoning districts, prescribe permitted and discretionary uses within each zoning district, establish a development permitted process, prescribe a process for appeals and provide a provision for amendments. The Fees bylaw will establish fees for municipal services including planning and development services.  

   The Official Community Plan, Zoning Bylaw and Fees Bylaw will affect all land within the incorporated area of the Rural Municipality. The zoning and policy maps show the affected lands.

The Official Community Plan provides the Rural Municipality with direction on development decisions and municipal goals.  The Zoning Bylaw helps direct and manage growth and development within the Rural Municipality. The Fees Bylaw provides the Rural Municipality with a schedule of fees to be charged for services provided by the Municipality.

    Any person may inspect the Bylaws and maps at the RM office during normal office hours.  Copies of the bylaws and maps are available at cost. Electronic copies of the proposed bylaws and maps can be viewed and/or downloaded on line at


RM #345 Vanscoy has had Official Community Plan since 2009

The RM of Vanscoy No. 345 adopted an Official Community Plan (OCP) back in 2009. The plan allows for new subdivisions through out the RM, primarily on the main traffic corridors. Since the adoption there have been many applications for subdivision of residential land into parcels smaller than the previous 40 acre minimum parcel size.

Each application requires council to hold a public hearing. In some cases there has been considerable opposition that stopped the proposed subdivisions, though many have been approved.

Contact the RM office or website to find out the affected land.